Imperial Collection

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ImperialImperial Collection Super Premium Strong is distilled from selected grain. It is distinguished by its fresh taste with a trace of black currants. The structure of leaves of a black currant which masks a smell of spirit owing to what vodka in a cool condition does not have a sharp spirit aroma. Imperial Collection Super Premium Soft is distilled from selected grain. It has incomparable soft taste with a light hinge of cedar nuts, and pine nuts possess pleasant soft aroma. It is intended for fans that exclusively desire soft vodkas which have no vodka aroma. Imperial Collection Super Premium is also distilled from selected grain. It is smooth and with unmatched clarity. The vodka is additionally cleared all over through highly active birch coal, then through the silver filter, and at last, through the membrane filter which gives the crystal clear diamond shine, which is worthy for the vodka carrying a name called Imperial Collection.

The gift collection which is called "Russia" is packaged in a brief case with Imperial Collection Super Premium Soft, Imperial Collection Super Premium Strong and Imperial Collection Super Premium.

For the souvenir products, carafes are placed in eggs stylized with Faberge art, a masterpiece created by Venetian masters. Carafes are made in Italy of high quality Venetian glass with luxurious décor, with golden decals decorative glided cap & with a red Swarovski crystal on top. They are decorated with 24-karat gold and with 4 elegant and handmade glasses. The Faberge eggs are gold plated.

There are also carafes of Venetian glass that are packaged in tubes of solid cardboard with a metal cover on top.